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Java Programming Language

Java is a general multi-paradigm computer programming language supporting the following:

Example Java Program

It is created on the philosophy on Write once Run anywhere.

Java History

Java Evolution | Evolution of Java over C++

C >>> C++ >>> Java

Java vs Other Programming Languages

Java is an object oriented language and compiled code is highly portable across Operating systems and Platform architectures which no other language could compare itself to.
Java is statically typed like C and C++ in contrast to dynamic typing in Python, Ruby and Javascript.

Java is a general purpose language usable for many type of application - desktop, web, mobile, embedded systems, smart cards and more

Java - different editions

Java 8 still remains the most popular Java version and has the most market share. Java versions 8,11 and 17 are long time support versions. Popular Framework for Java - Spring Framework supports Java 8 and above

Java as a Motivator

Java is a motivation for many other languages like C#, Android and JRE languages like Groovy, Scala, Clojure, Jython, JRuby and Kotlin

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